Luna Wedding Bands


Hammer textured wedding bands with an organic, raw feeling that reflects the manual crafting process. Their surface has the appearance of eroded stone.

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  • The catch of this model is the semicircle cutout on each wedding ring. Together the two halves form a whole symbolizing the couple’s unity.
  • You can choose between 14K white, yellow or rose gold.
  • The finish is glossy on the inside and satin on the outside.
  • The width of the wedding band is 5 mm.
  • If you want a customized version in terms of width, you can write to us at or schedule an online meeting (find this option in the main menu).
  • The weight varies depending on your measurements being between 7 and 9 grams.

If you wish for further assistance, please schedule an online Zoom meeting with one of the members of the Contemporia team to benefit from personalized advice.
We will present you the pieces, whether it is wedding rings, engagement rings or other types of jewelry, we will help you find out the size for the ring(s) and answer any other question you have.

  • The wedding rings are accompanied by a warranty certificate attesting to the quality of the material and the fact that they were made in our workshop. They are also accompanied by a wooden storage box.
  • We can receive gold in return which will be deducted from the final price. Please consider that during the execution procedure a technical loss of 10% occurs.

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14k gold

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Pink Gold, White Gold, Yellow Gold

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