Making of: Angulum


A collection of powerful, extravagant pieces with an urban flavor.

Not necessarily as “Angulum” which has in common with Pink Floyd only the triangle … that is, a strictly figurative element. Maybe at some point I’ll take a Pink Floyd collection seriously. I return to Angulum, which is a visual experiment. I had the opportunity to test different colors and textures on the same shape – inverted pyramid. It is an interesting approach in which you realize how much the jewelry changes only in finish and colors. Some pieces are delicate – those with brass, silver and pearl, those with “star dust” inspire magic and others are bold and sophisticated, like pink cubes. Here they are in our online store.

It was a great pleasure to work on this collection, probably because everything was spontaneous, I did not plan it for many days and weeks, as I usually do. It just came out. Enjoy!

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