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Guide to guys looking for engagement rings

(reading time: 4-5 minutes)
Are you looking for an engagement ring? First of all: Congratulations! We’re sure you’re super excited!
Whether you are thinking about all kinds of elaborate scenarios, or you want a simple and nice request, the ring plays an important role and you want to make the right choice. Here we can help you.
We have written a small guide for you and if you have more questions or if you want to start a collaboration, we invite you to contact us.
Here’s what we advise you to consider:


We believe that the value of an engagement ring lies not in the price but in the symbol it represents, in the concept that was the basis of its creation and that resonates with your story. But you probably already know that and that’s why you’re on our site 🙂

It is natural and beneficial to you take the budget into account from the beginning which you want to assign to this purchase, this way you will be able to quickly get an idea about the type of ring you will opt for: design, material, what stone, etc., and it will be easier for us to help you with recommendations.

The average price of an engagement ring from our portfolio is approximately 3000 lei, the cheapest being 800 lei and the most expensive 13500 lei.


The traditional material for the engagement ring is gold because it resists well over time, does not oxidize and does not deform easily. You have to decide on the color:

  • white
  • pink
  • yellow

and purity:

  • 14k gold
  • 18k gold .

Pay attention to what jewelry your future fiancée is wearing and it will be easier for you to choose the color of gold.
If she wears silver for example, one option for the engagement ring is white gold.
Here you will find an article with more information about the characteristics of gold depending on its purity and color.


The classic engagement ring is the one with diamond, but since its popularization in the 1940s, through the marketing campaign of the jewelry house “De Beers” and until today, the society and the aspirations of the couples have changed.
A few decades ago, it was a social custom for the engagement ring to have a diamond as large as possible. Today, however, we enjoy a relaxation of these “rules”.
So we encourage you to choose what you think suits her and harmoniously complete your story: a diamond ring, with another stone or, why not ?, a stone-free ring that integrates a certain symbol of yours.

If you want a ring with a stone, you must take into account an important aspect: the stone must be in the category of those with high resistance to mechanical shocks.
For example, no matter how beautiful the emerald is (green gemstone), it falls into the category of stones that break easily, I would not recommend it for an engagement ring. Sapphire (blue gemstone) instead is ideal, almost as hard as diamond.
Depending on the ring model you want, we will advise you on choosing the stone.
Are you thinking of a diamond ring? We have prepared a guide for you here with the essential information about choosing diamonds.


If you are a romantic and creative person, maybe you want a very special ring, created from scratch for your future fiancée. We really like bold projects and we are ready to assist you. We even created a questionnaire to help you and help us better understand what kind of ring you want, you can find it here.
And here I prepared an article with steps for making a custom jewelry.


Finding out her size without her knowing is not impossible!
You can measure a ring of hers. But it is very important to choose a ring that he wears on the finger that he is going to wear and the engagement ring! Usually on the ring on the left hand, next to the wedding ring (it’s not a rule but many ladies prefer this option).
Here you will find a complete list of the methods we propose to find out the measure in a subtle way.


If she has an active life, does sports, walks a lot or rides a bike then you should consider a comfortable, minimalist ring, with a stone as resistant as possible to mechanical shocks.
If she is creative and non-conformist, then you can opt for a fancy ring model that best reflects her personality.

Do you have any other questions about the engagement ring? We are happy to answer you: or 0746 175 826.

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