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Let’s create your jewel together!

Contemporia custom

Creating a piece of jewelry from scratch involves a lot of passion both on your part and ours as designers and crafters.
Whether we are talking about an engagement ring, wedding rings or any other type of jewelry, we enthusiastically accept the challenges that come from you!

Step 1

Send us an email to in which you describe the jewel you want, and we will reply with an estimate of the time and cost. If you are looking for an engagement ring, we’ve made a special questionnaire for you here: link to the questionnaire

What information we need:

– jewelry type (ring, earrings, etc.)
– the metal you want the jewel to be crafted in (silver, gold)
– if applicable, the type of gemstone or color of gemstone you prefer
– the approximate budget
– a brief description of what you have in mind, for example the style of the jewelry piece: geometric, organic, minimalist or classic? Maybe it should include a certain symbol: a flower, a star, the sea, the mountain, etc.

Step 2

Having as starting point the information sent by you, we’ll work on the concept of the jewelry piece and send you a sketch or a 3D modeling of the proposal.

Step 3

If you agree with the general concept and place a firm order, then we’ll go into more detail and if necessary, we will make up to 3 changes so that you are satisfied with the result.
The firm order involves signing a contract and a down payment of 20%. The price for a custom engagement ring starts at 500 euros.

Step 4

Crafting the agreed model and delivering it in gift packaging (box, warranty certificate, bag).

What we don’t do: we don’t copy other designer’s jewelry pieces.

You can send us pictures with jewelry that you like so that we understand the style you preferer for the project, but not to reproduce those jewelry pieces.

let’s talk

If you have a custom jewelry project in mind, just leave us a message here with the information suggested above.

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