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Contemporia is a Romanian brand of contemporary jewelry that focuses on creativity and innovation. We are a growing company with ambitious expansion plans.

We address the end consumer and we want to offer our audience a premium experience throughout the interaction with the brand: product quality, customer service, communication on online platforms, direct interaction in offline events.

Our headquarters are located in Bucharest where we carry out both the production activity, the actual workshop where we make the jewelry, as well as the logistics and communication activities.

The values ​​that define us as a team are fairness, harmony and friendship, values ​​that we are convinced are largely based on growing Contemporia from a start-up to a sustainable business.

If you are creative, you know how to work with precious metal, you like technical challenges and teamwork or you are creative in the area of ​​communication, you have experience with clients and you think you know how to tell jewelry stories online and offline, please send us an email to in which you tell us why you want to join our team.

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