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70 designers, 26 countries and a lot of contemporary jewelry

In case you didn’t already know,  Autor Contemporary Jewelry Fair is the most important event of its kind from Romanaia.
Along editions it has grown and today can be compared with other similar European events such as Joya Barcelona.
This year, the 15th edition was held from the 16th to 17th of April, presenting 70 designers and artists from 26 countries.
We’ve participated, visited and talked to some of the artists and now we want to share with you interesting and powerful jewelry, ideas, concepts and images of beautiful people:



Krama – School of contemporary jewelry from Athens

I met two lovely ladies: the founder of the school Poly Nikolopoulou and Stefania Sioufa a student who presented her thesis at the fair – a collection of objects and jewelry that speak about the transformation of our thoughts from negativity to easing our consciousness. 

Her pieces bring into an abstract materiality the thought: black and sharp or light and airy.
Please meet Stefania Sioufa from Athens:


The negative thought: black and sharp


and the positive one, light and airy:



Piece suggesting change and metamorphosis – all elements are mobile and their movement resembles that of caterpillars.

A wonderful effect and a lot of work:



Punctul de plecare al colectiei este “coconul” ca simbol al protectiei, al universului familial si are ca fundal experiente emotionale ale autoarei.

Coconul este elementul care protejaza si care in acelasi timp permite transformarea, evolutia in interiorul sau.


Transform | Protect, Sylvie lissa Alusitz, US
The starting point for the collection is the author’s personal thoughts regarding  “the cocoon” as a symbol of both protection and growth:

“Inside the protective walls of a cocoon, growth and change occurs, just as it occurs in me” says Sylvie.
Please meet Sylvie lissa Alusitz:


and her delicate, beautiful pieces:







“The Human Soul”, Lucienne’s jewelry, Republic of Moldova

For me it is one of the most impressive collections from Autor15, probably because I can relate very well with the message: “appearances are deceptive” especially when it comes to the soul, the inner feelings. The soul isn’t nurtured by material things therefore that of a king may be more bitter than that of a homeless man.
And that leads me to what Mark Twain said about the eternal law of proportions:
(“Nothing that grieves us can be called little: by the eternal laws of proportion a child’s loss of a doll and a king’s loss of a crown are events of the same size.”)
The pieces are made of bone and gold as symbol-materials for eternity (neither gold or bone rot or disappear) balancing each other into a whole that represents the universal soul.
Here I am wearing the crown “Psiheya” – Between Up and Down
The crown is made of bone and gold leaf.


Ring for two fingers

bone and gold leaf

IMG_5506 IMG_5505


bone and gold leaf.



bone and gold leaf.



The Unpredictable Form / Foam, Hakan Aktug, Turkey

The Unpredictable Form / Foam is a joyful and colorful collection. Aktug Hakan told me that when working with “foam” you can never be sure of the result, the pieces are born in an intuitive manner taking simple, organic forms. They are very light and comfortable to wear even if they are large.
In the creation process, Hakan uses both traditional techniques and unconventional materials and techniques. The materials he uses range from oxidized and unpolished silver, aluminum and titanium to foam and crayons.
Please meet Hakan Aktug from Istanbul:


The unpredictable form:



Jewelry created through a combination of traditional and alternative techniques:




Piesele realizate de Doru sunt absolut minunate, nu te poti abtine sa nu le iei in mana si sa le urmaresti cu degetul forma perfecta. Sunt “bomboane pentru ochi” cum spune englezul  -“eye candy”  si nu doar atat. Colectia EVA este o analogie la povestirea biblica despre incalcarea poruncii ce a atras dupa sine suferinta intregii omeniri. Considerandu-ne stapanii absoluti ai lumii pe care o locuim,  am ajuns astazi sa o exploatam in mod exagerat; capabili inclusiv de a crea viata in laboratoare ne asumam si  un mare risc. Piesele colectiei, animale transformate in sculpturi purtabile sunt o metafora menita sa reaminteasca oamenilor de acest risc.

Faceti cunostiinta cu Doru Dumitrescu si super sculpturile lui purtabile:

EVA, Doru Dumitrescu – Wearable Sculptures, Romania

The pieces created by Doru are absolutely wonderful, you can not help but take them in your hand and follow with your finger their perfect shape. And they are not just “eye candy”, EVA collection is a reference to the Biblical story about the transgression that brought about the suffering of all mankind. Considering ourselves the absolute masters of this world, we have overly exploited it; we are now able to create life in the laboratory but we are also taking upon ourselves big risks. The pieces of this collection – animals transformed in wearable sculptures are a metaphor meant to remind people of this risks.

Please meet Doru Dumitrescu and his wearable sculptures:






“An unfinished job”, Mona Velciov – Monotip, Romania 

Eu cu colierul prastie care chiar functioneaza “On my way to finish the job!”

Me “on my way to finish the job!” while wearing a sling necklace that really works (both as a cool accessory and as a necklace)!


magnetic ammunition



“12 heartbeats”, Mona Vulpoiu – Utopic, Romania

It is the story of the heart told in 12 chapters,  a story about experiences, self-knowledge and evolution.
The centerpiece of the collection is a necklace symbolizing the heart, that of the author <3
Please meet  Mona:


The central piece, “the author’s heart” :



IMG_5552 IMG_5553




“Self Consciousness” by Ana O. – Ana Oglejan, Romania
A collection created to “be seen, weighed in the palm, felt, touched and worn in the soul,” says the author.
The pieces are like armors or outer skeletons through which you can look, but can not touch, the fragile core developed organically.

The association of the organic and geometrical shapes in harmonious compositions make the pieces look complete and light, nothing can be subtracted or added without ruining the balance.
Please meet Ana:




Yujin Lee, Coreea de sud

Bijuteriile ei sunt colaje de elemente variate ca forma, cromatica si material insa foarte echilibrate si armonioase. Piesele inspira calm si liniste, asa cum declara si ea, in contrast cu lumea agitata si haotica in care traim, o lume a alienarii.

Pe mine m-au dus cu gandul la picturile lui Rene Magritte.

Faceti cunostiinta cu  Yujin:




Rene Magritte,  L’Homme au chapeau melon (Barbatul cu melon)




Tule design by Helmi Lindblom, Finland

She is the author and the collection that brought the broadest smile on my face so I nicknamed her peaces “Joy Jewelry” and I got it right so to speak. Helmi said that through this collection she wants to make the viewer forget the conventional expected sobriety when it comes to art. She wants to make people interact with her creations, to wear them and enjoy the tactile sensation when touching their surface. I think she has fully succeeded and I’m only sorry that the photos can not meet more than the visual sense:

Please meet Helmi:






SI – Sabato Isabel, Argentina


The collection has as starting point the idea of recycling – four necklaces representing water, air, soil and vegetation followed by a series of black pieces suggesting contamination and a series of pieces made from recycled PVC representing the solution to reduce pollution. Isabel then extended the series in the area of “fashion jewelry” and I can tell you from experience that her pieces are very versatile, easy to wear and easy to match, adding to the ordinary outfit the WOW effect!

Please meet Isabel:





Hmmm, what to choose…


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