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Author Jewelry 15

70 designers, 26 countries and a lot of contemporary jewelry

In case you didn’t already know, the international contemporary jewelry fair Autor is the most important profile event in Romania..
Throughout the editions it has increased and today it can be compared with large-scale events at European level such as Joya Barcelona.
This year, on the weekend of April 16-17, the 15th edition took place, attended by 70 designers and artists from 26 countries.
We participated, we visited and talked with some of them and below we share the most varied jewelry, ideas, concepts and images with beautiful people:


Contemporary Jewelry School in Athens – Krama

I met the nice Poly Nikolopoulou, the school’s founder, and Stefania Sioufa, the student who presented her bachelor’s thesis at the fair – a collection of jewelry that talks about transformations, namely the transformation of thoughts and the liberation of consciousness.

Her pieces bring into an abstract materiality the thoughts: black and sharp or light and transparent.

Meet Stefania Sioufa:

Creations representing negative, black and sharp thoughts:

and positive, light and transparent thoughts:

The piece that suggests change and metamorphosis – all the elements are mobile and their movement resembles that of caterpillars.

The effect is wonderful and work to match:

Transform | Protect (Transforma | Protejaza ) ,dissertation Sylvie lissa Alusitz from USA

The starting point of the collection is the “cocoon” as a symbol of protection, of the family universe and has as background the emotional experiences of the author.

The cocoon is the element that protects and at the same time allows the transformation, the evolution inside it.

Meet Sylvie lissa Alusitz:

and her delicate pieces:

“The Human Soul” – Lucienne’s jewelry, Republic of Moldova

It is one of the collections that impressed me the most, perhaps because I was able to relate very well to the message: “appearances deceive” especially when it comes to the soul, the inner feelings. The soul does not find its food in material things, which is why that of a king can be more bitter than that of a homeless man.

And that makes me think of what Mark Twain said about the eternal law of proportions:

“Nothing that disturbs us can be considered unimportant: given the eternal law of proportions, the loss of a doll by a child and the loss of a crown by a king are events of similar proportions.” – Mark Twain (“Nothing that grieves us can be called little: by the eternal laws of proportion a child’s loss of a doll and a king’s loss of a crown are events of the same size.”)

Returning to Lucienne’s collection, the pieces are made of bone and gold as symbolic materials of the eternal (gold and bone do not rot, do not disappear) which are balanced in a whole that represents the universal soul.

Here I am wearing the crown “Psiheya” – between Up and Down (“Psiheya” – between nadir and zenith)

The crown is made of bone and gold leaf.

Ring for 2 fingers

bone and gold leaf


Bone and gold leaf

Forma/ Spuma imorevizibila – Hakan Aktug, Turkey

The “Unpredictable Shape / Foam” collection is a cheerful and colorful one. Hakan Aktug told me that when he works with “foam” he can never be sure why it will come out, the pieces are intuitively born in simple, organic forms. They are very light and comfortable to wear even if they are large.

In jewelry design, Hakan uses both traditional techniques and unconventional materials and techniques. Use both silver, oxidized and unfinished, aluminum and titanium as well as foam or colored pencils.

Meet Hakan Aktug from Istanbul, Turkey:

Unpredictable form:

Unpredictable form:


Jewelry made through a combination of traditional and alternative techniques:


EVA – Doru Dumitrescu – Wearable Sculptures from Romania

The pieces made by Doru are absolutely wonderful, you can’t help but take them in your hand and follow the perfect shape with your finger. They are “eye candy” as the English say – “eye candy” and not only that. The EVA collection is an analogy to the biblical story of breaking the commandment that brought about the suffering of all mankind. Considering ourselves the absolute masters of the world we live in, we have come to exploit it excessively today; able to even create life in laboratories we take a great risk. The pieces of the collection, animals transformed into wearable sculptures are a metaphor meant to remind people of this risk.

Meet Doru Dumitrescu and his super wearable sculptures:

“An unfinished job” from Mona Velciov – Monotip, Romania

Me with the slingshot necklace that really works “On my way to finish the job!”

“Bullets” with a magnet

“12 heart beats” Mona Vulpoiu – Utopic, Romania

It is the story of the heart told in 12 chapters, a story about experiences, self-knowledge and evolution.

The central piece of the collection is a spectacular necklace symbolizing the very heart of the author.

Meet Mona:

The central piece – the author’s heart:

“Self-consciousness” Ana O. – Ana Oglejan, Romania

A collection created to “be seen, weighed in the palm, felt, touched and carried in the soul” says the author.

The pieces wear armor, an outer skeleton through which you can look but cannot touch the fragile, organically developed core.

The combination of geometric and organic elements in harmonious compositions make the pieces look light and complete, nothing can be extracted or added without disturbing the balance.

Meet Ana:

Her pieces are harmonious compositions made from various elements with different shapes, colors and materials. They inspire calm and serenity, as she says, in contrast to the hectic and chaotic world we live in, a world of alienation.

Her jewelry reminded me of Rene Magritte’s paintings.

Please meet Yujin:

Tule design by Helmi Lindblom, Finland

She is the author and the collection that brought me the biggest smile on my face, that’s why I nicknamed her creations “Joy Jewelry” and I found her so to speak. Helmi says that through this collection he wants to make the viewer forget about the conventional sobriety imposed when it comes to art. She wants to make people interact with jewelry, wear it and enjoy the tactile sensation of walking fingers on the surface of the pieces. I say that he succeeded fully, I’m sorry that through the pictures I can’t satisfy you more than the visual sense:

Meet Helmi:

SI – Sabato Isabel, Argentina

The collection started from the idea of ​​recycling, 4 necklaces representing water, air, earth and vegetation followed by a series of black pieces suggesting contamination and a series of pieces made of recycled PVC representing the alternative. Isabel then continued the series in the area of ​​”fashion jewelry” and I can tell you from my own experience that her pieces are very versatile, easy to wear and match, turning the most mundane outfit into a WOW!

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