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We imagine and craft wearable stories since 2014

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Contemporia jewels are imagined as extensions for the personality of those who choose to wear them, not just elements that complement an outfit. They are dedicated to open-minded people, who love art and regard jewelry as an object in which the creator invested first and foremost her soul.

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Each piece of jewelry is created in small series. The jewels are carefully crafted from precious metals, and their quality is guaranteed by the National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC), according to the authorization certificate number 00009020 dated 29.10.2014.
The journey of each piece begins with a concept and a sketch, continues in the workshop where it is bought to life with fire and under the hammer’s blow, finally the jewel is carefully finished, the result being a beautiful story crafted in metal.

The creative techniques do not differ much from those practiced 1000 years ago, the materials used with predilection are sterling silver, gold, precious and semi-precious gemstones. The result is all the more spectacular as the shapes, textures and colors are unexpected, inspired by contemporaneity.
When you choose to wear a piece of jewelry crafted by us you choose quality, attention to detail, but especially you choose to express yourself.
You can opt for one of your favorite pieces from our portfolio or you can create together with us your own unique jewel.





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Designer & Jeweler



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Let us know if you want to know more details about our products, if you want to schedule an online or showroom visit or if you want to you are collaborating with us on a jewelry project.

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    What color of gold would you prefer the ring to be made of ? Tip: think about what jewelry she wears, if she wears a lot of sterling silver for example, a suitable choice for the ring would be white gold.

    Would you like the ring design to include a gemstone?

    Your partner is rather:

    Does your partner have a job that involves a lot of manual work?
    For example: doctor, fitness trainer, chef, etc; meaning that she would have to take off her ring often, she would have to wear protective gloves frequently or there would be a high risk for the ring to be exposed to mechanical shocks.

    Do you have a picture of a piece of jewelry that you like or think she would like and could send us as a suggestion? Please note: we do not replicate other designers' jewelry models, we just want to understand the esthetics you prefer for your piece.

    Do you have a budget you want to stick to?

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